Steps to getting your license:

  1. Register for Free Here:


(You can begin online class without payment, but you must pay in full before driving the car.)


  2. A Certificate of Enrollment will be emailed to the student within 2 days. When student is ready to pass the written test, take the enrollment form to the BMV and take written test, if you pass they give you a Learner’s Permit!

  (You do not need to complete the 30hr course before taking the written test.)

  3. Once you have Learner’s Permit and have paid the fee you can schedule 6 hours of drive time with me :)

  4. You will also need to log 50 hours of drive time with another licensed driver, described below: 

Under 18 – Supervisor may be a licensed instructor working through a driving school, a licensed driver at least 25 years old and related by blood, marriage or legal status, or a spouse over age 21 with valid driving privileges.


Over 18 – May be any licensed driver over age 25 or a spouse over age 21. A copy of the BMV driving log must be submitted when applying for a new license.

  5. Once you finish the 30 hour online course, complete 6 hours training with me, and log 50 hours of driving total, you are ready to get your license!

  6. The good news is, if you complete my course then I will give you the skills test in my car, the same car you have been training in. You DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST AT THE BMV!