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For further questions, feel free to text me.

  • My child just turned 15, how do they get a permit?
    After the student registers and makes a payment of at least $100, they can directly access their Certificate of Enrollment. Take this with you to the BMV, along with BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, and 2 Proofs of student residency. Please contact BMV directly with further inquiries.
  • I have a license from another country, what are my steps to an Indiana license?
    These cases can differ greatly depending on the situation and I recommend contacting the BMV directly for clarification.
  • Does the student need to finish the online course to schedule a drive?
    Although I highly recommend finishing the online class first, students may schedule drive time before it is complete. Doing the online course concurrently with lessons can be helpful.
  • Do I have to pay full amount up front?
    Simply pay $100 to get started online. Once registered you can make all payments through the student portal. Be sure to select the Full Program if you intend to do both the online class and in-car lessons.
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